5 Romantic Getaways to Plan for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love you share with someone special. While it can be cliché and disappointing when expectations go unmet, it’s also an opportunity to wow someone you love with a special surprise that lets them know you are glad they are in your life.

Skip the chocolate and flowers this Valentine’s Day and plan a special getaway for you and your love. A Valentine’s Day trip can be a great memory for the two of you for years to come, and a gift that will earn you brownie points for years to come!

You might not have time to be able to pull off taking the trip on Valentine’s Day itself, but plane tickets to be used in the coming months fit perfectly inside a mushy card. If your anniversary, or another special occasion, is coming up, you might even be able to kill two birds with one stone by planning the trip to take place over that special occasion.  

Here’s five ideas of getaways you can plan for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Someplace special in your love story

Do you still dream about that tiny house in the mountains you spent your honeymoon at? Does the thought of your favorite New Orleans restaurant, the one where you had your first date, still make your stomach rumble even though you live across the country now? Did you get engaged in Central Park, and haven’t been back together since?

Places that play a special role in your love story are a great place to start when booking a romantic getaway. While a place might not seem that special to anyone else, if the two of you share important memories together there, it’s a great candidate.

Someplace new you’ve always wanted to go together

Whether it’s Switzerland, Paris, or Hawaii, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to plan that romantic trip you’ve only dreamed of being able to take together. Cash in your airline rewards points to surprise your special someone by bringing the trip you’ve talked about taking for years to life.

Someplace it can be just the two of you

A romantic getaway should be about investing in your relationship. Leave the kids and friends behind and travel alone this time. If you aren’t interested in doing much other than resting and being together, a cabin in the woods or a private AirBnb are great options to be alone together on your getaway.

Someplace that is in the middle of their off season

Visiting a destination during its off season is a great way to save money and have fewer fellow tourists to deal with. Places like Prague and Italy experience their off season during winter months such as February.

Be sure to research WHY it is off season, though. If the weather is certain to be absolutely miserable and make it impossible to leave your bed and breakfast, there’s little sense traveling a distance to do so.

Some destinations virtually shut down during off-season times as well, so make sure you will have places available to visit, eat, and stay.

Someplace close to home

Maybe you have young kids, or upcoming deadlines at work that mean you can’t take much time off, and a rendezvous in Europe just isn’t possible for this season of your life. Perhaps the budget just doesn’t have room for a big trip, and you are still building up your rewards points.

A getaway someplace nearby can be just as romantic as a grand vacation can be. The gesture of planning time together for the two of you can be just as romantic when it’s down the street as around the world.

Part of the charm and romance is the surprise and intention put into planning a getaway, so even if you head to dinner at your favorite local restaurant before grabbing a bottle of champagne at the discount liquor store and checking into a hotel in your own city for the night while the kids stay at grandma’s house, you can absolutely still consider it a romantic getaway. Perhaps you can even book a hotel using travel rewards points, making your special night even more budget friendly.


If you are in love with someone who loves to travel, it’s hard to imagine a better gift than a trip, and even better if it’s planned by someone who put great love and care into planning it!

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Amber Miller

Amber Miller

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